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Color Changing Plazma LED Halos

Long gone are the days of having to decide between hot-spots on LED SMD rings and the un-uniform gap on CCFL halos... enjoy the solid light display of "Plazma." With our new Plazma style LED rings you are getting the best of everything that technology has to offer.

Product Features:

  • These halos feature hundreds of semi conductors which make direct contact to the circuit board essentially turning the entire ring into one LED. This advancement in technology not only allows for a higher light output but also appears as one solid ring of light when powered on out-shining any halo you've seen before.
  • Appearance is never an issue with the slimline design. These rings are mounted on a PCB board only 2mm thick.
  • Don't expect to have to replace these rings any time soon! Plazmas have a lifespan of 100,000 hours.