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Sportbike Lites Dealer Program

Everything you need to know about how our Dealer Program works:

·         You must establish a Dealer account with Sportbike Lites.  (Application located in “Dealers Corner” section of website.)

·         Once Dealer account is set up if you choose to take advantage of our Dropshipping service you will not need to purchase any merchandise until after you have sold our product and collected the funds from your customer.

·         Drop ship orders will then need to be submitted via our website using your Dealer login that was given to you at time of set up.  Through your Dealer login portal you will have access to your Dealer pricing, Status of orders, Order tracking information, Product information and much more.

The benefits of dropshipping:                                                                                

·         Allows you to sell products with no stock investment needed.

·         No warehouse or expensive software expenses.

·         No concerns with shipping or packaging.

·         No minimum order or quantities restrictions.

·         No shipping location restrictions.

·         We ship anywhere to you or your customers location with no additional charges.

·         Only pay for merchandise and actual cost of shipping!

When we dropship for you, expect the following:

·         Orders processed in a timely fashion.

·         Customer receives no knowledge of your pricing or account information.

·         Ability to use our product photos and descriptions to aid in your sales.

·         Dealer support.

·         Monthly Newsletters informing of products updates etc.

At Sportbike Lites we offer you the tools to become successful at selling our products.  All you need to do is sign up and start making profits today!